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Usage 101

CBD beginners tip
Starting out aim to take between a 10mg and 50mg dose of CBD sometime in the evening and gently monitor your experience. Notate any changes in your symptoms and/or and more specifically your mood to see how the dosage affects you personally. Also, as a friendly reminder CBD is nontoxic, so as a new user there is no need to worry about taking too much.
CBD timingAlways place your CBD dosage around your greatest problem areas. For instance, if you struggle with sleep, take the CBD before bed and if you are struggling with recovering from workouts or a physical job, take the CBD just before the activity to aid in a more rapid recovery. If you’re someone that has trouble sleeping, and is physical in their day AND struggles with some anxiety, then simply split your daily serving size amongst all three areas. 

CBD numberJust like anything else, one size will never fit all and CBD is not excluded from that! Height, weight, age, gender, activity volume/intensity, and even personal history are all factors that contribute to what will be the best dosage for you. When adjusting your CBD dosage, gradually going up 15-30mg increments each day is a good way to understand your own unique tolerances and sensitivities. 

CBD expectationsAs you are identifying your CBD number, remember that if you don’t feel an immediate change it’s because your ability to be consistent with the CBD in your daily routine will take over as being most important for optimal results. For CBD integration it can take days and sometimes a week or two for it to build up in your system. At that point you can assess how you truly feel and if you need to adjust your CBD number at all.  

CBD Quality ControlAlways know what’s in what you’re consuming. Any quality CBD provider will have conducted third-party laboratory testing for each batch of product produced to maintain quality control of the product as well as monitor the cannabinoid and THC levels. SEE MINE HERE >


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