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An active, busy life deserves consistent self-care. Make GetUp part of your everyday healing routine.

Beginners Tip

If you’re new to CBD tinctures, start slowly, using just half a dropper (.5 ml) at night, free from the 9-to-5 distractions, and see how it makes you feel. Squeeze the oil under your tongue, hold it there for 20-30 seconds, and then swallow. Over time, you will adjust the dosing until you find your CBD number (see below).


GetUp is meant to be used in-the-moment, so schedule your dosing around the problem you’re trying to address. If you tend to feel anxious throughout the day, you may want to space out your GetUp, taking it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Can’t sleep? Try it before bed. When that carpal tunnel is acting up, rub that lotion on ASAP. If you have a physically demanding job or just did a strenuous workout, use GetUp as soon as you get home to aid in recovery.

Find Your CBD Number

Your bottle of GetUp comes with a dropper marked with hash lines that indicate the various dosages. 1 full dropper = 1ml = 100 mg of CBD. Start with just half a dropper (50mg) and monitor your mood. One size doesn’t fit all--gradually increase your dosage to the next hash line each day until you find what works best for you. The good news is that it’s non-toxic, so you can’t overdo it!

Reset Your Expectations

With CBD, consistency is key, so you will need to take it every day to see real results. In fact, it can sometimes take a week or two for CBD integration to happen within your body. Just stick with it and find easy ways to incorporate it into your daily rituals, like a dose with your morning coffee, or when you wash your face before bed. We feel fairly confident that it will become one of the best parts of your day.

Get started with getup

Which product is right for you?

GetUP 3000mg Tincture

A soothing elixir for those seeking better sleep, anxiety relief, or just some mental peace.

GetUP 2000mg Muscle UpRUB

A lightweight lotion that acts almost-instantly to alleviate muscle soreness, inflammation, and joint pain.



GetUP CBD has been better for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep than my prescription sleep medication! I've been taking it for a few weeks now and notice a difference in my energy as a result of better sleep. It also helped a lot with my muscle soreness after moving.



My pops deals with a lot of health issues. I gave him GetUP CBD and he is already seeing positive results (and didn't feel groggy or high at all!) He used to get up multiple times a night and was tired a lot, but when he tried this he slept straight through the night.



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After a few days I already have better clarity and focus at my job and most importantly, my rest at night. I no longer wake up at night and my anxiety has decreased significantly. I feel so much more grounded!



I never realized I had an issue with sleep, but now my nerves, sleep, everything at night is far better. The wake up is different!



I have always sabotaged my health and workouts with poor sleep habits. Using GetUp CBD, I have been able to sleep better, recover from my workouts and balance out the daily stress of work and life.



GETUP CBD completely changed how I sleep, (which I never thought was an issue!), as I am now sleeping through the night, completely RESTED, dropping what feels like the weight and pressure of the world I was putting on myself.



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Last night was the first night in over two years that I fell asleep without melotonin. Just GetUP CBD! Fell asleep fast and stayed asleep all night!


CBD for Pets

YES, CBD is interchangeable for animals and humans!

As the owner of a 10-year-old pitbull, finding support for his aging body was as important to me as healing my own. Whether your fur baby struggles with arthritis, joint pain, or separation anxiety, you can treat him with the same natural remedies that work for you!

In a landmark study done by Cornell University, researchers tested hemp oil on dogs and found that 80% of them experienced a significant decrease in pain, as well as improved mobility.

Pure, organic CBD oil is so much better than some pharmaceutical quick fix, even for your pet. Shockingly, in 2017, an estimated $70 billion was spent on medical treatments for our dogs and cats. So finding effective preventative care for your pet isn’t just good for his long-term health, but it’s good for your bank account as well!

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Always know what’s in what you’re consuming. Any quality CBD provider will have conducted third-party laboratory testing for each batch of product produced to maintain quality control of the product as well as monitor the cannabinoid and THC levels.