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After a few days I already have better clarity and focus at my job and most importantly, my rest at night. I no longer wake up at night and my anxiety has decreased significantly. I feel so much more grounded!

- Curtis, Burnslake, Canada


I have always sabotaged my health and workouts with poor sleep habits. Using GetUp CBD, I have been able to sleep better, recover from my workouts and balance out the daily stress of work and life. 

Javier, NYC


I never realized I had an issue with sleep, but now my nerves, sleep, everything at night is far better. The wake up is different! 



My pops deals with a lot of health issues. I gave him GetUP CBD and he is already seeing positive results (and didn’t feel groggy or high at all!) He used to get up multiple times a night and was tired a lot, but when he tried this he slept straight through the night

- Rob, West Haven, CT


GetUP CBD has been better for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep than my prescription sleep medication! I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and notice a difference in my energy as a result of better sleep. It also helped a lot with my muscle soreness after moving.

- Sarah, Chicago, IL


GETUP CBD completely changed how I sleep (which I never thought was an issue), as I am now sleeping through the night, completely RESTED, and dropping what feels like the weight & pressure of the world I was putting on myself.

- Zach, Golden, CO


Last night was the first night in over two years that I fell asleep without melatonin. Just GetUP CBD! Fell asleep fast and stayed asleep all night!

- Lauren, Manhattan Beach, CA