"After a few days I already have better clarity and focus at my job and most importantly, my rest at night. I no longer wake up at night and my anxiety has decreased significantly. I feel so much more grounded!"

- Curtis, Burnslake, Canada

"I have always sabotaged my health and workouts with poor sleep habits. Using GetUp CBD, I have been able to sleep better, recover from my workouts and balance out the daily stress of work and life."

- Javier, NYC

Body & Mind Benefits: Explore the Healing Powers

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Ease Your Mind →
Beat Stress & Boost Your Mood

Whether you experience everyday stress or are living with an anxiety disorder, our pure plant extract may be...

Ease Your Body →
Improve Sleep, PMS, & ED

Research hints that our quality plant extract may affect sleep directly, by interacting with receptors in the brain that...

Ease Your Pain →
Sore Muscles & Painful Joints

Not only does our potent plant extract have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on your body, but is can also offer…

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