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Ease Your Mind →
Beat Stress & Boost Your Mood

Whether you experience everyday stress or are living with an anxiety disorder, our pure plant extract may be...

Ease Your Body →
Improve Sleep, PMS, & ED

Research hints that our quality plant extract may affect sleep directly, by interacting with receptors in the brain that...

Ease Your Pain →
Sore Muscles & Painful Joints

Not only does our potent plant extract have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on your body, but is can also offer…

Meet The Founder

GetUP is founded and backed by world renowned fitness trainer, television star, published author, and Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, Jen Widerstrom.

"It is my personal mission to extend the best care and support that I can through my coaching, programming and now CBD supplements, so no matter what you have going on in your life or how many times you get knocked down, you are able to get back up - stronger."  -  Jen Widerstrom

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Muscle Rub - 1500mg

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